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Mikogo 2.0 is a utility that lets you share your screen through Internet
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Mikogo 2.0 is a utility that lets you share your screen with a remote user through Internet.
You must obtain an account in order to use Mikogo to share your screen with other users. The users that will see your screen won´t need to obtain an account, but they have to install the program in order to see your screen.

Once you have the program installed, and your account, you can login into the service.

To begin sharing your screen with others, right click on the Mikogo icon on the system tray and select the "Start Meeting" option. The service will then open a meeting, and will show you the number that it assigned to your meeting (e.g. 954-965-8945).

You can then tell the people that you want to see your screen to navigate to www.mikogo.com and click over the "Join Meeting" button.

If they don´t have Mikogo installed, the program will lead them to a link to download the program. They must install it. Once done, the program will automatically open de "Join Meeting" option. By entering the number of your meeting, they will be seeing your screen, and will be able to interact with you.

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