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Mikogo lets you share your desktop with other users as part of an online conference. Sharing your screen with others, or being able to access somebody else’s screen is crucial for some types of remote support. Likewise, it can be used for online training.

As the tool uses online services, you’re required to enter your Mikogo user name and password the first time you start the application. Fortunately, you can create a new free account if you don’t have one. Additionally, you can open professional and enterprise accounts for a reasonable monthly or annual fee. One of its advantages is that it uses a standard web browser, so you don’t need to install other applications or extensions.

Mikogo allows various users to communicate simultaneously, so you can share your screen with multiple participants. Besides, depending on the quality of your connection, it allows transferring voice and images in a very clear way with practically no lag. Moreover, you can adjust speed and quality settings to match the characteristics of your connection.

The program integrates various communication tools, such as chat, remote keyboard and mouse control, whiteboard and file transfer. Luckily, it lets you schedule meetings with other users. Also, web conferences can be recorded so that they can be played at a later time, probably to a larger audience.

All in all, Mikogo meets most needs related to desktop sharing, online learning and teaching, remote collaboration, audio conferences, video conferences and business presentations. Therefore, it’s an application I recommend to most users.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • Personal accounts are free
  • The service has good quality with practically no lags
  • It uses a web browser
  • It has multiple uses


  • You cannot create a new account straight from the application
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